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Now you can enjoy increased strength and better health, thanks to the unique combination of elements and energies contained in the Lava Energy Pendant.

Simply by wearing the pendant around your neck or placing it on your affected areas, you can enjoy the many positive benefits this remarkable pendant provides.

This life-enhancing pendant works by both neutralising negative energies (caused by toxins, pollutants and the stresses and strains of modern-day life) and reinvigorating your body’s natural energy field with the right frequencies.

Each Lava Energy Pendant is made using state of the art Japanese technology and combined with natural minerals structurally bonded together – all with one simple goal: to restore balance and harmony to your body.

The Lava Energy Pendant
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Created from a lava-based compound and using advanced Japanese Nanotechnology, The Lava Energy Pendant generates natural energy flow with no negative side effects.

It works internally by converting heat energy given off by the body into bio-energy. This energy then balances your critical metabolic functions.

It also repels damaging EMF energies from computers, cell phones, electrical power lines and our polluted modern-day environment.

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Lava Energy Pendant